Sunday, January 31, 2016

Cubelets Explore the Halls of Richmond Elementary School

Students at RES have been having a great time with the Cubelets.  Last week a small group of first graders read about robots during their reading group.  They also had a chance to explore Cubelets as they filmed a series of shorts demonstrations of Cubelets in action throughout the halls of RES.  From the enrichment room, to the art room, the cafeteria and the gym....Cubelets were seen traveling our halls. At each stop classrooms, teachers and staff all watched our robot friend in action. Below is a quick 'movie trailer' of the Cubelets visiting RES.

We were also lucky to have Cubelets during our after school Coding enrichment class this month.  Twenty students in grades K -4 worked together to understand the connection between coding and robots.  Cubelets were a chance for students to see the direct result of changing inputs on the outputs as they built, and rebuilt their robot. This exploration was open ended and FUN!

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We are so grateful to the Vermont Robot Rodeo for this opportunity!
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  1. What a fabulous video!! The students look like they are having the best time with the Cubelets and surely learning so much, too.