Thursday, January 12, 2017

TVES Finch Robot

Finch has been getting his exercise! Kindergarten students have been
using Snap to write code. Next week, Finch will be getting "art
classes" to make pictures while he moves.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Finch has arrived at TVES

Sorry, the last email did not say the name of our school, Twin Valley Elementary.

Finch has arrived


Here is a one minute video of Finch arriving in our classroom.  Please let me know if I didn't go through and I will send it a different way.  The kids were very excited.  We will have him out at our mini Makers Space next week.  I will try to take plenty of photos.

Stephanie Spring

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

our robot has arrived

Hello Lucie, I wanted to let you know that Ollie has arrived at our school. He has to wait until Monday to meet his new student friends.




"A well-stocked, well-staffed library is like a gardener who plants books, knowledge, and dreams and grows readers, learners, and do-ers." Laura Purdie Salas


Cornelia Thoma

School Library Media Specialist

Folsom Educational and Community Center

75 South St.

South Hero VT 05486


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Sunday, January 1, 2017

River Valley Technical Center Coding the Wink Robot Using Arduino

The students from River Valley Technical Center practiced their Coding  Skills with the WINK  robot from PlumGeek!

Unfortunately WINK seems to have lost its charge!
Fortunately,  Kevin from PlumGeek (Wink's designer)  is working with them  to get Wink back up and running!



Newbury Students Code Dash and Dot through Challenging Maze

The NES 5/6 Otters were challenged to get Dash through a maze, complete with block boundaries, angle variations, and light changes. Here's a video of some of the problem solving at work!  Six teams of 3 measured, calculated, and discussed for 40 minutes and then each team linked up to Dash and took it for a test drive. No one made it through the maze...this time around. They reflected on changes to make, and we'll do that when we return in 2017!

Having Dash & Dot visit NES was a huge success, so much so that our principal has agreed that we need to have our own! Thank you to Game Theory for sponsoring these robots and we look forward to watching their travels throughout Vermont in the coming months.


Monday, December 12, 2016

Dash and Dot visit Newbury Elementary

Dash & Dot have visited with every K-2 class during Library  at Newbury Elementary School, and our 3/4 Owls are working especially hard on a backstory and programming that shares our school’s vision and mission with the next schools the robots visit.

The Owls have named the robots Harmony (Dash) and Nature Rocks (Dot) and are programming them to share Newbury’s vision of World Peace and mission of Harmony with Self, Others, and Nature. They are also working on explaining our behavior program, ROCKS (Respect,Ownership, Citizenship, Kindness, and Safety).  

The Kindergarteners created a basic storyboard for Dash and then partnered with students from older grades to do the programming. It was wonderful to see the multi-age collaboration and problem solving at work!

Over the next two weeks, we are hoping that the 5th and 6th graders will have time to program Dash and Dot to share “A Christmas Carol.” Our 3-6 grades are attending a production of that play this week. Hopefully, we won’t have any more snow days!