Saturday, December 12, 2015

Join Vermont's Robot Rodeo

This week students throughout Vermont joined students around the world participating in HOUR OF CODE, as Vermont schools set aside an HOUR for students to participate in a learning activity that exposed students to computer science.  To see what Hour of Code looked like in Vermont, check out Vermont’s participation documented at

But wait - now that we got these students all excited -  how are we doing to leverage that excitement and motivate them to learn BEYOND an hour of code.  There are lots of opportunities including online curriculum for mini-courses offered by,,  Khan Academy, and more.  And here’s one more Vermont grown opportunity for our students - Robot Rodeo!

Robot Rodeo will give students in Vermont a chance to apply what they have learned during Hour of Code and expand on it by hosting a traveling robot for a month and  training the robot to perform a stunt (using code) for an upcoming Robot Rodeo later this spring.  

Watch Mallets Bay Elementary School Fifth Graders
share their Robots Training as they help
announce Vermont Robot Rodeo

Learn more about
each Robot